Membership product specialists

Launched in 2016, Cybermandate is a young and fast growing premium ad network serving over 10 million geo-targeted ad
impressions a month. We provide innovative advertising media and monetization solutions for web and mobile
advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Our publisher program offers unique advantages for website owners with quality traffic, which include highest
CPM rates, 100% monetization of their digital inventory, personalized payment options and wide variety of
effective ad formats to increase revenue for each and every campaign.

For advertisers, Cybermandate offers a thorough guide of their digital marketing campaigns to achieve highest
volumes of conversion and a higher ROI. Our ad safety software features top-tier verification solutions
to ensure security of your ads and sites for maximum quality traffic. We value our advertising partners and
offer personalized approach to reach the highest monetization and brand awareness.

Our experienced and devoted multilingual staff is coming from different cultural backgrounds and always aims to
achieve highest levels of personal and business potential.

At Cybermandate we believe that we are the best partner for publishers and advertisers that are seeking to get the
most advantage and make most money by cooperating with an ad network.